Dealers work on casino floors, operating table games. The employee who gets this position has to be observant. These designers may be responsible for more than just the graphical user interface — some sites have proprietary games and other features that graphic designers have a hand in. Many casinos even have height, weight, and other requirements that their employees must adhere to. Pit bosses supervise all other floor employees, and report directly to casino management.

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So you had a great interview and you just got the call that you got the job. What do you do now? So you need to make sure you have the professional outfits ready if the job you received requires it. Make sure that if you have children you have reliable child care for any shift you may find yourself working. Be sure to always be on time and ready to work. These types of employees are noticed and have a better chance at getting promotions.

Depending on the casino policy those applying for dealers positions may need no experience. Some casinos, however, want an experienced dealer and will hire graduates of dealing schools.

These schools provide the student with a certification in dealing which can give them an upper hand during the application process. Dealers have to be able to shuffle and deal cards without fail. She must know how the game is played and be able to give the players advice if asked.

The main duty of a casino dealer is to pass cards or other items related to game play to the players. The dealer normally must stand and do so from a designated spot at the table.

Each time a new game is started the dealer will ask a player to cut the cards once they have finished shuffling. This is usually done after a good streak in gambling games such as blackjack. Dealers must also decide when a new deck of cards needs to be cracked.

To the players, the most important job a dealer has is making accurate pay outs. Once she has determined who receives a payout the dealer must accurately dispense the winnings. This requires the dealer to have impeccable math skills. When the amounts being wagered are high the dealer must make sure to get confirmation from a floor supervisor or pit boss before allowing the bet. This keeps the player and dealer honest and helps lower the rate of fraud at the tables.

Having a friendly and knowledgeable demeanor is important for a dealer as well. Being welcoming to new players and giving advice to inexperienced players is important. Talking to the players keeps them comfortable and playing and can lead to a lucrative night for the dealer. In some cases, the dealer can even be responsible for directing the customers on where they need to go to find lost items or give directions to certain areas of the casino. Dealers want to try to keep their players happy so they will also be the person who helps keep the drinks coming.

Dealers are also responsible for being the on the ground security. Since they are directly involved in the game they will find it easier to detect if a player is cheating. Casinos put a lot of trust in their dealers to report any tricks or unfair playing that they believe is taking place.

If a dealer suspects that a player is cheating they will usually notify the floor supervisor or pit boss. The supervisor will then make a special effort to watch the game and see if the dealer was correct. Dealers must also work with the supervisors when a player wants to exchange cash for chips when seated at the table. The supervisor must confirm the cash amount and that the dealer is giving the player the correct amount of chips associated with that amount.

At the end of each shift, a dealer must reconcile the table. She must count the cash and chips and make sure that the values are equal. Once this is completed she is now responsible for documenting her amounts by writing a collections report for her supervisor. Dealers pay scales vary from casino to casino and you have to take into consideration the game and shift the dealer works.

Most dealers will start a lower wage during their probation period and then receive a raise once this period is up. Dealers, like many other employees in the casino business, can receive tips from players. This is where dealers make their most money. However, if the dealer is having a good night and her players find themselves on a winning streak they will usually be tipped generously.

The more cordial and helpful a dealer is the better the tips will be. Being a waiter, bar tender, or waitress at a casino can be one of the most lucrative jobs in the business.

The wait staff at any casino must be professional and have the knowledge needed to tend to many different types of people. This job can be demanding and requires the employee to work in stressful situations at times. Having a tough skin is always important in this type of job. The requirements to get this job usually consist of having some experience. A casino is so fast paced that the people hired to man the bar and deliver drinks do not get much on the job training.

So if this is a job you see yourself doing in the future get some experience before applying at the casino. You have to know how to communicate and be professional so that you provide the best service possible to the customers.

The customers are the most important people when you work at a casino they must be treated well and have all their requested taken care in a timely manner. You see this in just about e aspect of a casino the staff is dressed based on the theme of the casino itself. Many casinos even have height, weight, and other requirements that their employees must adhere to.

This seems to fall under the heading of discrimination. However, I believe these guidelines are put in place due to the uniform many of the waitresses have to wear. The servers and all staff working the floor of a casino must be at least 21 years of age to be able to qualify for the job.

Servers and bar tenders must be able to stand for an entire shift. This means that if you have leg or back problems this is definitely not the job for you. Being on your feet and moving fast is a high priority in these types of jobs so being prepared is essential. Servers may be given special duties at times. Sometimes they are requested by customers and may be given specific orders to only take care of the high rollers.

This like most employment with a casino comes with a lower annual salary but can lead to making a great deal more in tips. This job comes with a great deal of responsibility. Many people think of the pit boss as the bad guy trying to get people in trouble. This is far from true. A good pit boss is just trying to make customers happy and keep people out that are trying to take advantage of the casino and other players.

The pit boss is the one who has to monitor all of the casino games, new or old , in their area. They are responsible for changing out decks of cards, answering phone calls, and managing the casino atmosphere.

That is why there are multiple pit bosses at each casino. Each boss is responsible for around a dozen games and all the floor supervisors, and dealers in their designated sections. The employee who gets this position has to be observant. This means they must be knowledgeable about the games they are looking after. They need to be able to spot when a player or dealer is doing something that is against the rules.

They are there to catch players and dealers working together, those players who are counting cards at blackjack, and any player trying to cheat in any way. They are also responsible for overseeing payout to winners and making sure that each employee on the floor is treating the customers according to the casino policies.

This also includes dealing with those customers who get out of line with employees. The pit boss is responsible for filling out a great deal of paperwork. How often do raises occur at Horn Holdings?

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When those 4 Atlantic City casinos closed in , eight thousand jobs were lost. Subsequent stories show that many of the casino employees never found gainful employement in the months since. Casino workers who do not care to relocate might be able to find a job at the Revel Casino in the near-future.

Still, he expects to open for business later in When this happens, the Revel Casino is likely to hire over a thousand dealers, cashiers, and managers.

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