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Eating when eager also implies toter. When on an leni. Intelligibility get back to feed-bag as assorted times per epoch that works best throughout you. We deliver with time and precision as sethforth in the agreement. Our terms and Conditions are reasonable, below is our instrument description. Writing on Nation- alSecurity. Th is fi rst strike, combining the forces and expertise of both China and Russia, may consist of: Treasury debt on the open market. Navy warships using anti- ship ballistic missiles ASBMs.

As all this is going on, the Obama administration — a trea- sonous regime of criminals who have seized control of the U. Th is is not fi ction. Th ere was only discussion, in these congressional meetings, as to whether, or not, the U. Devon With their phones in hand, they bow their heads, eyes narrowing in on their pocket screens. No awareness of the now, they wander like intoxicat- ed drivers, veering to the left and the right.

Scrolling through their Facebook feed, they try to ignite some kind of spark to keep their dying souls alive in their virtual reality. Necks craned over, wander- ing aimlessly, they are unable to feel the real world around them. Th ey stare into pixels for hours on end, forgetting what it was like to look into each oth- ers eyes for just a second or two.

Trying to recreate close- ness through the emoticons in the chat box, they have forgot- ten the bond only human touch can satisfy. Everyone is present in the room, but their minds are somewhere else, swept up in a virtual reality. Th eir energy so distracted and scattered into the wind, like embers blown away. No more warmth, no more comfort, no more light of a blazing fi re that crackled and echoed of stories and tales long into the night. Facebook wants to give its us- ers headsets and controllers that allow them to navigate simulated worlds.

Th e Oculus technol- ogy removes people from reality and lets them travel where they want. Th is technology may put an end to human communica- tion as we know it. Households with this technology may stop interacting altogether, as fam- ily members sit on the couch and put their headsets over their faces. Brothers and sisters and moms and dads could eas- ily just disown each other and drift off into their virtual worlds where they choose new family members.

Virtual reality headsets would invite the most promiscuous circumstances, as spouses drift off into their headset to seek out some sort of simulated aff ection and af- fair.

Aft er all, hackers revealed that thousands of government workers had Ashley Madison accounts used exclusively for aff airs. With virtual reality headsets, Facebook gives gov- ernment workers and everyone else a playground to try out their double lives.

Facebook intends to do this by fi rst designing virtual worlds that mimic real world places. Th en they want to create an in- terface that convinces users the simulated world is a real place. Th e interface would have to al- low users to see their own hands and feet. Th e fi nal goal is to em- power users to create their own worlds and explore them how they wish.

Th e fi rst prototype is set to re- lease in — a VR-visor named Rift. It will be accompanied by the release of Oculus Touch, which is a set of controllers that allow users to see their own hands and interact with the simulated worlds. In late a third tech- nology is set to come out to allow users to create virtual 3D objects to use and navigate in their arti- fi cial worlds.

If this technology becomes as popular as Facebook itself, it is bound to destroy whatever bit of human interaction that still exists to- day. Th ose who wish to live in the real world may have no choice but to get together, run away, and move to some re- mote part of the world, perhaps in a rain forest, where they can start a new tribe that connects on a natural, human level. Lat- er I received a text from her un-inviting our family to a birthday party.

Back in the Soviet Union era people could not openly speak their mind, even in the comfort of their homes, as anyone opposing the gov- ernment was automatically accused of being a politi- cal traitor and eradicated. Currently in Russia, people freely talk about politics as part of a social dialog, while having a cup of tea or a shot of something stron- ger. Folks argue, share a few anecdotes and agree to disagree on their views; all while keeping their opin- ions strong and, more im- portantly, their sense of humor alive.

Yet, it is un- safe to go out on demon- strations related to political causes or become a public figure criticizing the gov- ernment, as that could lead to an accusation of spy ac- tivities or sponsorship from foreign aids and ultimately result in an imprisonment or even assassination. In USA, public demon- strations have been fairly safe and people are often encouraged to get out on the streets and voice their concerns, as long as the events are peacefully or- ganized.

We have seen the effectiveness of such dem- onstrations during the Vietnam War. But here is a caveat to this freedom. It is a banned topic, extremely protected with all kind of politically correct and anti- discrimination causes. Where is the logic? So is the news propaganda. Despite numer- ous reports from UN on violation of human rights and accusation of geno- cide against the Palestinian people, news channels con- tinued to paint Palestin- ians as terrorists, as if every single citizen of this God forgotten state is a member of Hamas militant group.

Do I think Palestinians are innocent in the conflict? Do I think other nearby Arab coun- tries could have invested in its development and educa- tion instead of financing its military opposition?

Do I believe none of us know the full truth be- hind the conflict and what we are being shown by the media is only a glimpse of reality? Politics aside, what about the regular people, individ- uals like you and me, who are just living day by day, who want nothing more than safety for their chil- dren and an opportunity to work and make a decent living?

What about the chil- dren who are growing up surrounded by war, hunger and hate? What future do we envision for them? What can we possibly expect from these kids when they grow up besides more hate for the world? Do we really believe that every single person liv- ing in Palestine is a suicidal terrorist? What if one of us was to wake up tomor- row and find himself on the other side of the fence?

During the first session, our professor told us that by the end of the course we would all agree that any one of us was capa- ble of committing a despi- cable crime, not out of self- defense, but out of hate. We all shook our heads and laughed. Obviously, most of us, students, thought that crime of murder or torture could only be committed by humans predisposed to vio- lence.

Suggesting that one of us could become a cold blooded murderer sounded absurd. What our professor was determined to demonstrate through facts and histori- cal data was that awful acts of cruelty have and are still being committed by normal people, like you and me, and not by a bunch of serial killers. What that remarkable profes- sor was able to prove to us, through numerous histori- cal examples and analysis of human behavior, was that every ordinary human can commit an extraordinary crime because we have all mastered a unique trait: If we were to look at every conflict on earth from Ger- many to Vietnam, from Af- ghanistan to Rwanda, from Ukraine to Syria, most of the crimes have been com- mitted by ordinary people.

What did it take for them to cross that line? Careful political propaganda that starts with name calling, cartoon drawing, racial jokes, residential segrega- tion and blame pointing, sparks up the antagonism.

We can go back hundreds, even thousands of years, pick any country on any continent and see the theory apply. The speed with which societ- ies around the globe turn against each other is shock- ing. It starts with toler- ance and ability to relate to each other. We need to learn to look beyond the skin and appearance and realize that we are all created different for a reason. While we come from diverse cultural back- grounds, have various fam- ily traditions and religious beliefs, we are all equal in one desire to live in safety and raise our children in peace.

If someone is forced to pick up a gun and fight for freedom, it is a global tragedy and a cause for me- diation, not a validation for extermination. We can share our views with our family and friends. We can vote and perhaps influence presidential elec- tions and the course of pol- itics in the future.

The least we can do is stop judging and categorizing each other according to our race, re- ligion or political views. If we talk about it, then those people matter, then the top- ic is alive, the suffering ex- ists and we are forced to do something about it. Silence promotes inac- tion. Ignorance leads to judgment. Propaganda and censorship cause clashes.

Olga Zagulova, founder of Th erussiannextdoor. She relocated to Colorado at the age of fi ft een and has been living in USA since then. Olga gradu- ated University of Denver with a Bachelor Degree in Interna- tional Business and has held sev- eral management positions since she joined a global relocation company in She currently resides in Colorado along with her husband and daughter and successfully manages her career along with her passion for writ- ing.

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